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How a Holistic Healing Coach Can Help With Gut Dysfunction

09/08/2022 Wendy Sibley 0

Unity and Integrity of the human body are central concepts declared by classical doctors, studied in physiology courses, and successfully forgotten after specialization. In any case, this is very often the case, and not wanting to bother with a complex diagnostic search, the modern doctor of medicine prefers to act according to standardized schemes approved…

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Carnivore Diet: Benefits, Risks and When to Try It

01/05/2022 Wendy Sibley 0

The carnivore diet has become popular in recent times, so much so that celebrities like Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan implement it on a daily basis. In this article we will try to see the possible benefits and risks of the carnivore diet, and with what objectives it could be carried out. The carnivore diet…